Why You Feel Might Feel Overwhelmed

Busy. That is how many people describe their lives, especially this time of year. School is starting, fall sports are beginning, and there are a thousand things to do each week. Numerous people in my circle of friends describe themselves as overwhelmed. Their schedule is packed, and they are drowning a sea of activities.

Unfortunately, the reason many people are overwhelmed has little to do with the number of opportunities that present themselves. It is the result of our unwillingness to say no. If we say no to something, then we are filled with guilt and shame. We think to ourselves, “I should be doing more.” Suddenly overcome by these negative emotions, we cram a little more into our schedule because we would not want you to think less of us.

One essential question we must all ask about our time is this: Am I doing things out of purpose or guilt? Are you filling your life with things that make you a better follower of Jesus, help your marriage, connect you more with your children or are you filling it with activities that make other people happy with you?

A new week is here, school is starting, and a thousand voices are asking for your time. What will get it? Being overwhelmed is often a sign of lacking priorities and focusing on what is truly important.

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