The Church on a Random Tuesday

It is easy to think of the Church as something that happens on a Sunday morning. We might expand our thinking to include Wednesday night when youth group and Bible studies occur. But what is the Church on a random Tuesday like today?

The community of believers we call the Church meets on those days for worship, fellowship, and mutual encouragement, but it exists every day of the week.

-The Church is found when the followers of Jesus work together for the good of someone else.
-The Church is present when Christians share their faith in social media, in emails and texts in a positive way.
-The Church shows itself to the world when two friends listen to each other and pray for one another’s struggles.
-The Church exists wherever people follow Jesus in their life with grace and mercy.

Where is the Church on a random Tuesday? It is wherever you go today. It is sharing life with other believers in meaningful ways. It is building other people up who are feeling down. It is laughing loudly over the presence of God’s grace in unbelievable moments.

The Church goes with you today. You represent Christ and his people in the world. Don’t limit your connection to other believers to one or two days a week. The community of faith walks into the world in your shoes. Today is an extension of Sunday and Sunday is an extension of today.

Go with faith in the Lord and show the Church to a lost world.

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