Making Room For God To Work

A follower of Jesus should not always be busy. That sounds so counter-intuitive to us in so many ways. We believe, if we want to make an impact for the kingdom of God, then we need to be doing as much as possible. We need to attend more classes and small groups. We need to volunteer for every good thing in which we are asked to help. We should allow our children to be involved in anything to show them that we love them as God wants us to do. The fuller our schedule, we think, the more significant our imprint on the world and the better we appear as a believer.

Through the years, I have noticed that there is one major flaw in this thinking. We do not leave space for God to work. Reading through the stories of Jesus, I am continually reminded that he never seemed to have much of an agenda. People would sometimes come to him, and other times, he almost blindly walks into things. He happens to be at a well when a woman comes for a drink. He runs into a funeral procession on his way to something else. People stop him for conversation, healing, and confrontation. His days always appeared full, but it is not because he is overly committed to activities. He moves and works, and God puts everything together.

One of the primary reasons you need to keep free time in your schedule is so that God can use those moments to do his work. I am not saying he is doing nothing when your days are packed, but I think you may be missing some interactions that might be divine appointments.

There are two questions God is placing on my heart this week. First, do I have enough room in my life for God to direct my steps? Are there moments in which I have no agenda? Second, am I allowing God to work on me and through me during those times?

This week is full of possibilities for God to do amazing things with your life. Have you left enough room for him to do his work?

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