Three Unspoken Indicators of Faith

Would people know that you follow Jesus by watching your life? If you did not share any verse on social media, would people know you were a Christian? If you removed all religious imagery from your clothing, vehicle, and home, would anyone have any idea that you were a believer?

There are three things in your life that demonstrate your faith without you ever saying a word.

  1. How you spend your TIME. A glance at your schedule, and you can see your priorities without any explanation.
  2. What you do with your TALENT. God gives each one of us unique gifts and abilities; the question is, “Are you using them for the kingdom of God?” Do you see your talents as reserved for work or as a means to make money?
  3. What you are willing to share of your TREASURE. Jesus could not have been more understandable, “Where your money is, there your heart will also be.” A quick scan of your finances and where your money goes will also reveal your heart.

These are the three most prominent indicators of faith, and none of them require you to say a word. I guess that it is easier to share posts that you agree with on social media than to do any one of these things. Decorations and religious paraphernalia demand less of you than a daily sacrificial commitment.

It is easy to let our words about Jesus be many, and our actions be few. A real test of your faith is what you are doing with your time, talent, and treasure. All other measurements of your commitment are flawed.

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