How Many Likes Did That Get?

We live in the age of the “LIKE.” If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, then you have not spent any time on social media. If you post something onto most of the current media platforms, there is a button below where people can show their recognition of that post. Facebook has moved beyond the simple like button by adding a couple of emojis you can also use. If we agree with something, we hit the button at the bottom that shows our approval, and then we move on with our lives.

I have come to believe that the like button means absolutely nothing. Watching the responses to my posts has always been amusing to me. I will share a post about commitment to Jesus above all else, and the lady who rarely attends worship because she is so busy will like it. There are posts I see others share about various aspects of the Christian life, and I will look to see who hit their like button. Almost always, people with little visible sign of faith show their approval.

This led me to write in my notebook, “Liking Jesus is not the same as following him.” Obedience is greater than approval.

We must always be cautious of thinking that smiling and saying, “I agree with that” or “I like that” are signs of a mature faith. God does not need your approval or your agreement; what he desires is your obedience.

Maybe before you hit the like button the next time, you should ask yourself, “Do I agree with this in principle or in practice?”

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