Feeling Thankful for You

Today I am feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people who volunteer to serve Jesus through the local Church. Too many times, the preacher gets the recognition for the work done in a Church, and that needs to change. If you are not familiar, October is Pastor Appreciation month (a thing I hate by the way), and I think we should make it Church Volunteer Appreciation month.

Take today as an example to you. This morning I drove into the Church parking lot that a volunteer worked on improving over the weekend. I walked into a building cleaned by people who donate their time, and they even clean the bathrooms. This week someone stopped by and fixed the ceiling in the entryway, again they did it in the free service of Jesus. Today a lady will lead another group of ladies in Bible study, solely for the joy of the Lord. Tonight for the youth group, a couple of ladies will prepare food; several adults will lead small groups, and the guy who organizes it will all give their time for the kingdom of God without receiving a penny in return. Days like this amaze me as people serve only to further the work of the Lord in and through our community.

Sure, I do a lot every week, including many things of which no one knows. The Church leadership has blessed me with enough money to provide for my family for doing it. But when you measure my few hours against the work of a couple of hundred volunteers, there is no comparison.

What makes the Church I lead great? What makes any Christian community of Jesus great? It is the power of God working through people who willingly give their time to him.

I hope you are one of those people who know the joy of serving the Lord. If you are, for you, I am genuinely thankful. If you are not, it is never too late to start. Thanks to everyone in the name of Jesus, and may he bless you during my Church Volunteer Appreciation month.

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