The Quickest Way to Change Your Views About Church

There is one surefire way for me to change your perspective on Church. One way to get you to move from being self-focused to being others-focused. This is true for your view of the facilities, the way you do worship, your children’s ministries, and even how people are treated.

Our natural tendency is to be self-focused when it comes to Church. We have even invented a phrase called “Church Shopping.” We go out and find the Church that offers the programs we like and just the way we like them. Then we start attending, possibly join a small group and find a place to serve. Still, there is this mindset; I want things done the way I like. I want things at my Church to please me and me alone.

For the Church to reach new people with the gospel, we must begin to ask, “What works for the non-Christian people in our community?” What do they like, what do they look for, what would help them to come to know Jesus as their Savior?

The quickest way to get people to change their view about Church from self-focused to others focused is one single action. You need to bring your non-Christian friends and family to Church.

It is that simple. No class required. No lectures needed. No special books to read. Just bring your closest friend with you to Church. Invite that family member you have been praying for to one of the programs. It will cause everything to shift suddenly.

In a matter of minutes, you will think about how a guest views your parking lot. You will honestly notice the quality of the greeters and how informed that are about things. You will find yourself interpreting your worship time for your guests. You know, things like, “We are all going to stand up now. This is the part where everyone is supposed to shake hands.” You will notice how clean your building is being kept. If you sincerely want your friend to know Jesus, you will want every roadblock removed and everything to run its best.

Whenever someone complains to me about how we do worship or any of the improvements we are making, I can usually guess they have not had a non-Christian visit the Church with them in a long time. They are still focused on what they want and not what might be best for a person who needs to find Jesus.

So here is a little test for this weekend: Bring a friend or family member to Church. Ask them what they saw, felt, and heard. Watch their reaction to your weekly worship of God. My prayer is that their experience will bring them closer to God. I also know the side product is that it will change you for the better. So why not invites someone to join you this Sunday morning.

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