The Lord Be Praised

There is something about repeated responses that can catch drive home a particular way of thinking. My parents taught me to say, “please,” if I wanted something and “thank you” if I received something. These words created in me a sense of kindness, respect, and appreciation. As an adult, I have been to Chick-Fil-A a few hundred times, and it still causes me to pause when I say, “thank you,” and the employees respond with “my pleasure.”

Well, lately, I have been using a phrase repeatedly, and it is blessing my soul. When someone compliments me about my work in the Church for the Lord, I respond with, “The Lord be praised.” I know it might seem simplistic and fake to some, but it has two purposes that are being fulfilled in my life.

  1. I want to point people to Jesus. When I simply say thank you, it feels as if I am getting the glory. I want to make sure that my one goal in life is for God to get the glory. In case anyone forgets, I offer a short statement to remind them.
  2. It keeps me humble. When someone says, “Good job teaching” or “You are a blessing,” it is easy for me to get a big head. Maybe that is because of a lifelong struggle with pride, or perhaps it is just human nature, but kind words easily go to my head. I quickly think, “That’s right; I am a great person.”

I know this little statement I have added to my life will not be noticed by many, but it is shaping my thinking and hopefully will influence someone. I am glad people like my ministry and think I have good things to contribute to the world, but I want you to know, “The Lord be praised.”

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