Both Sides of the Camera

I have a meme with a picture of Forrest Gump, and it says, “And just like that, we are all televangelist.”  What makes it funny is that it is also true.  Within one week after the COVID-19 shutdown, every Church in my area started shooting videos and putting them online.  For our Church, the transition was not as challenging as it was for some.  We had already purchased some equipment a year ago and were beginning to make our own videos for announcements and special activities.  For other Churches, they had to start from scratch and figure it out quickly. 

With all of that said, within days after the shutdown, we were recording a sermon for Sunday and experimenting with different ways to present our material.  At first, it was just me and Jaime, our children’s minister here, getting recorded.  We have expanded with each passing week, and now eight people will be involved in this week’s program.  And just like that, I became a televangelist.  Suddenly our worship was being broadcast globally, and I was the center of the program with my sermon. 

People have asked me what it takes to put together a robust worship program online.  I tell them about getting closer to the camera, caring about the background, and making sound your number one priority.  Then I tell them the most significant thing I know.  You need high-quality volunteers.  A successful video ministry needs a person willing to learn and lead production.  The person on the other side of the camera is the most critical in the worship program.

Often, we forget about who is holding the camera or running the computer.  These are the people who make me look good.  At our Church, Rory has been an asset that has made our Church successful.  He has received help from Jacob and Traci, along with a few other people occasionally.  These people have made everything a success during this time of shutdown. 

I know many of you do not attend the Church I lead, so let me tell you a bit of advice.  Find out who helps with the camera and runs the sound.  Who put things on the computer and uploaded files during this time?  Find out who these people were and bless their life.   That may mean a kind word or a warm meal.  It is up to you.  These faceless warriors have helped the Church navigate one of its toughest times in 100 years.  I want to say a hearty “Thank You,” and I hope you will too. 

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