My Online Community of Faith

Communities of people come in numerous forms. Some are brought together as a unified body by their location. Others are linked together by a common history, personal interests, and similar hobbies. Still, others have shared goals or political allies that make them a connected group.

The followers of Jesus have the Church. We are joined together by our like faith in the one who came to save us from our sins. The problem is that for the last six weeks, I have not been able to meet with my fellow believers. These circumstances have forced me to look elsewhere for the community of faith that I so desperately need.

Over the past few weeks, I have lived with a virtual Church to support me. At first, it seemed overly demanding. Every Christian and leader on the web were producing articles, podcasts, video Bible studies, and sermons. There was so much new material that it was overwhelming. I tried to read, hear, and see it all. Thankfully, after Easter, the amount of new content has reduced, and I have been enjoying the ability to absorb information at a reasonable pace.

Today I realized how thankful I am for my new online community. This is not a long-term replacement for the Church, but it is functioning in the gap while I wait for us to rejoin one another. For all you believers in Jesus out there, let me say this to you.

Thanks for using social media in all its forms for the glory of God.
Thanks for sharing that piece of scripture that touched your heart.
Thanks for sharing that link to a great Christian article.
Thanks for telling us about what God is doing in your life.
Thanks for watching our worship program with my sermon.
Thanks for sharing the stories of how God is using you to bless others.
Thanks for keeping me updated on your family. I miss you ALL.
Thanks for keeping things positive during a negative time.
Thanks for sharing that Christian inspiration quote.
Thanks for the texts and emails, no matter what they say.
Thanks for writing blogs, making podcasts, and videos.
Thanks for sharing your faith with the world.

Right now, my faith has gone online, and it is not hurting too much. I miss the connection with real live people in a face to face manner, but the ability to have a group to share faith with has helped to ease the pain – for that, I am grateful. Keep sharing with the world your life and your faith. It makes the distance between us seem so much less.

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