God Works in Mysterious Ways

Yesterday made me mad. I had planned on how I was going to do things for the Church. The picture in my mind was clear, and I spent the morning getting inspired to do the work. Then the wheels came off my vision. One email arrived that changed my initial plan, then another and then another. Finally, my intentions were shattered all around my mind, and my leadership was heading in a different direction.

I wish I could say this was the only time in life I have experienced such things, but that would be far from the truth. This happens monthly, if not weekly. There are great plans developed by me, and God goes and changes everything. Following his leadership is the roller coaster ride of emotions as he does mighty things in ways I would never expect.

One time I was describing one of the hills and valleys of the Christian life to a person, and he said a line I have heard a thousand times before, “God works in mysterious ways.” For some reason, it struck me, unlike previous times. Yeah, that is correct. God is unpredictable in his methods. He uses people I would not have expected to do things that are mysterious at the time they are occurring. His ways never take the most direct path, and there are surprises around every corner. Following the leadership of God is more like an adventure than a cakewalk.

There are times when I hate this about faith. I long for the predictable patterns of an ordinary day. Then there are moments when I am so thankful for his mysterious ways. It keeps me praying, reading, searching, and looking for his will in every new day and venture.

Maybe you feel the same way that I do. I love and hate the unpredictable nature of God. Each day is full of surprises and unexpected joys if you will take the time to look. God works in mysterious ways, but that is part of the fun. He will accomplish things you never imagined in your life and mine. Our call is to follow and not to plan the journey.

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