Corona Virus Mind Dump

In the past few weeks, my mind has been working almost non-stop. I have been thinking about the past, the present, and the future of the Church. I have been trying to figure out every move forward with precision. There have also been several random ideas that are not connected. I wanted to drop a few of those here today, and you might find them interesting while I take this time to clear my head.

  1. I have been praying for marriages during this time very specifically. This much time together will either make or break most couples.
  2. One of my biggest concerns in ministry is for marriages. So many couples are unhappy and just endure it or end in divorce. It breaks my heart.
  3. Is anyone practicing social distancing? I know when I go to the store, no one stays six feet away from me, except my family.
  4. My desire to be a movie star is gone. I hope to never work before a camera again after this experience.
  5. Never thought I would thank the Lord for technology, but I am happy we have still been able to share sermons and materials together as a Church. (Is it okay to go back to hating it after all this is over?)
  6. I could not have imagined how much extra work it would take to not meeting weekly. Making plans and decisions can be emotionally draining and time-consuming.
  7. Beyond thankful for the people who have sacrificed time and energy to make our weekly programs. There is never enough praise for them.
  8. I have developed some new ideas and skills through this time that I hope to use in the future.
  9. Excited about my new marriage series that kicks off on Mother’s Day. I think it could help several couples if they will listen and act.
  10. Super sad I have not seen my mother in a year. I hope to visit her as soon as all of this is over.
  11. Watching myself preach on Sunday is a weird experience. Seeing your mannerisms and quirks on the big screen is unnerving. How do you people put up with it? (oh yeah, sleeping through it makes sense now)
  12. I miss seeing everyone. I hate not having worship on Sunday. I know this is not true for everyone.
  13. My biggest concern is people coming back to worship when we open again. I fear some people will be lost from the Church and possibly from the Lord forever. Once you quit being active, it is so easy to stay that way.
  14. Grateful for the Church I lead. Their patience, tolerance, kindness, generosity, and love have been apparent through this time. May the Lord bless all of you this coming weekend.

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