Trusting God During Shutdown … As a Pastor

The past few weeks have tested everyone’s faith. This is also true for every Pastor I know, including myself.

It seems like if you are a religious leader, you should approach this time with faith and confidence. At first, I felt like that was the case. When I thought this was going to last for a couple of weeks. Last year we survived missing three Sundays for snow, ice, and a power outage. I saw God show up and do a mighty work when we were not able to meet as a group of believers during that time, and I knew he could do it again.

Then the weeks continued, and we are not going to meet for ten weeks IF we make it back together in June. This is unprecedented. I have no point of reference for seeing God work in a situation like this one.

There are days my faith wains, and I start to give myself over to worry. When we meet again, will the people come back? What is this going to do to the new believers who have not had the support they need during this time? Will the finances ever recover? Will the Church I lead ever be the same? The list of questions that haunt my mind seems never-ending.

What do I do when these thoughts come? I do the same thing I tell my people to do. I lead hard into God. I pray. I read the scriptures. I find other Christians to encourage me. I search for the positive and push back the negative thoughts. I take a walk. I read a book. I cry out to God to show me where he is working. I look for stories that reveal how God is working on the internet and social media. I write in my “grateful journal.” I do all the things that I think will keep my focus on God.

There is no special feeling that God gives you when life is uncertain. There is no magic formula or specific prayer that makes everything seem okay. Instead, I find that God works in the little moments where we open ourselves up to him. Lean hard into God, and you will find he is trustworthy even when everything else is uncertain.

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