What People Did Not See

Because of the current situation in our country and state, much of the Church has gone underground.  Lately, we have not met publicly, and so much of what we do goes on under the radar.  You cannot see the people serving each week.  There is no conversation around the coffee pot about the impact being made on people’s lives.  The movements of God are hard to see without the public spotlight of our weekly meetings.

I want everyone who is a part of a Church anywhere to know; God is still working through his people.  His people are still serving in the name of Jesus.  Meals are still being provided for those in need.  Spiritual conversations are still taking place. People are giving of their resources for the work do the Lord.  Those with servants’ hearts are finding ways to serve outside of the Church building.  The kingdom of God is still moving forward like a mighty army. 

One thing I pray that this time of shutdown will do for people is to remind them that their work is for God alone.  Our service in his kingdom is to an audience of one.  You do not need people to be present for you to do something in the name of the Lord.  No one needs to hold the camera and capture you doing that good deed.  In fact, maybe our most pure form of Christian service is done when no one is looking.   

What people did not see is God working in and through you.

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