Bringing Out the Best in Others

Bringing out the worst in people is easy. Walk into a room with a scowl on your face and the overwhelming look of disapproval. When someone speaks to you, be short in return. Better yet, cut them off and voice your opinion with disdain for their thoughts. If you do answer a question, be passive-aggressive and sarcastic. Let your words come forth with volume and force no matter what you are saying. You can walk into a room with another person or group of people and make them all upset about their day.

What if bringing out the best in people is just as easy? Walk into a room with a smile on your face and a tone of approval. When someone speaks to you, listen to all they have to say and validate their feelings. Do not be short in your response and use a calm voice, no matter how emotional you feel. Avoid passive-aggressive statements and sarcasm. You can walk into a room and calm everyone’s emotions and bring joy to their day.

This is true no matter what room you are walking into this day. It can be a room with your co-workers, boss, spouse, children, friends, or neighbors. You can be the thermostat that controls the feelings in the room by merely minding your words and demeanor.

Everyone makes people happy. Some make people happy when they walk into a room and others when they leave.

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