My Friday Down Time

For the past five years, I have taken my Friday’s entirely off from work. This is the day that I do no work. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. When I leave the building on Thursday, I leave my job behind. If I need to do anything, there is always Saturday. Most of the world gets two days off, and many times I do, but Saturdays are flexible in my schedule. Fridays are not. I have chosen to set aside one day to spend away from the Church and the office.

Three reasons.

  1. Self-Care. On those Fridays, I do things that fill my soul. I spend time in nature fishing, hunting, and metal detecting. I try to quiet my soul from all the outside chaos going on around me. Some days I just lie in bed with my wife and watch movies. Whatever form the day takes, I want it to fill me up and not drain me.
  2. Rest. By Friday, I am tired. I have spent 5-6 full days engaging my brain. I read, study, write, and preach. All of them call not only on intellect but also my emotions. I need a day to recharge. This means, I make no decisions of significance and do no writing (I always write this blog on Thursday).
  3. Family Time. Under normal circumstances, I spend the day with my wife and the evening with my youngest son (who is still at home) or doing something with all my boys. This is the one day I want to invest in my relationship with my wife in a substantial way. We walk, talk, shop, and often do the first two things on my list. We rest and enjoy something outside together.

I often hear that being a pastor is an overly stressful job. There are definitely parts that can drive you crazy. With a single day off, I can refresh and refocus for the work ahead.

I have no idea what your life looks like, but I would suggest this to anyone. Take one day with these three points of emphasis, and it will change your perspective. If it is not possible to take a full day, then set aside an afternoon or an evening. You will be glad you did.

One thought on “My Friday Down Time

  1. This is great advice. Exactly what I need.
    I will keep praying God will also put this need in my husband.
    Outside listening to nature, watching the birds, being on or in the water, spending time with my husband, my kids,, grandkids and extended family., re entergizes my soul.

    Thanks for sharing so I know I’m nit the only one that feels that way.
    I hope you had a great Friday!!!

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