Turning Me Into Something I Am Not

This is who I am!  This is how God made me!  Accept it!

Is this true?  While I affirm that God made each of us unique inside of our mother’s womb, I do not think he was finished.  He gave you unique ears, eyes, and even fingerprints, but his work was not done.  He took you from that baby into adulthood. Your body grew and changed, and you learned skills along the way.  Throughout your life, you have gained knowledge of yourself, the world, and other people.  You probably felt love and had your heart broken as well.   God was molding and shaping your body and mind with every new experience. 

I do not think he is finished.  He is making you into a mature person of faith.  This requires giving up some things, adding new things, and changing your approach to life.  Your life is a journey toward becoming the person he wants you to be. 

When I was little, I hated broccoli, and I would not touch cauliflower – the albino version of broccoli. My sister made it her mission to convince me I was wrong.  Mixing it in a cheese sauce and cooking it in recipes.  I did not matter, and I still hated it.  Then one day, I cannot remember when, I liked it. Maybe it was the way it was cooked, or perhaps it was because my wife cooked it.  I ate it and lately I have it about once a week. 

C.S. Lewis said, “The things of heaven are an acquired taste.”  They do not come naturally, and like little children, we turn up our nose in disgust.  The longer we live, we learn that God has something better in store for us.  Somewhere along the way, we tasted the life he desires for us and found that it was good either because of our maturity, how it was presented, or who asked us to try it.  Suddenly everything changed, and we now saw that what God wanted us to do was best. 

God is trying to turn you into something you are not.  He wants you to become the best version of yourself as you follow his son.  He wants you to have a right relationship with him, be a godly parent, love your spouse as Jesus loves us, do your work as working for the Lord, and live every moment filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and goodness.  These things probably do not come naturally, but with time you will see that God was right.  Slowly he will turn you into something you are not, which is precisely what he wanted you to become.   

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