Wanting A Miracle

Reading the Bible reveals that there were limited times when God did miracles. Those are the moments when he broke into history and did something beyond scientific explanation. He started with them at the creation. Moses and Joshua performed miracles as well as the prophets Elijah and Elisha. Jesus brought miracles, and so did his closest followers in the book of Acts. The rest of the Bible contains little miraculous activity. Abraham, Job, King David, Solomon, and John the Immerser did not perform a single one.

In those sections of the Bible without a miracle, God relied primarily on one thing: People. He invited people to do his mighty work. Through circumstances and situations, he put people into the place where they had to act to bring about his will. He used natural means through ordinary people.

One of my favorite Biblical examples of this is the story of Esther. Nowhere in the book is the name of God mentioned, and yet we see his handiwork all over the place. No one performs a miracle, and yet the circumstances seem almost miraculous. God has people in places where they can be used for his glory if they allow him to work through them. When people are open to his leading like that, there are surprising results.

Some of you have been wanting a miracle. You have wanted God to break into your world and do something beyond explanation. You desire to see his mighty work in your life and the lives of those around you. And yet, no miracle has come to you.

Perhaps God just needs someone to act. He has the right people in the correct places, but they are resistant. For whatever reason, like their selfish pursuits, they have ignored the call of God upon their lives.

I wonder if that might be true for you as well. God may not bring a miracle into your life; instead, he may use you to be someone else’s answer to prayer. Is it possible that he has you in a place where you could be a blessing to someone else? Could you be the person who becomes God’s miracle to someone else?

You will never know the amount of good you can do for the kingdom of God, until you do something.

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