One Day You Will Look Back

At some point in the distant future, you will pause over a picture and think about this season of your life.

You will look back to the time when you were a student filled with ideas and dreams. You will pause over your wedding photos and think about how wonderful that first year was for both of you. Your eyes will fill with tears as you stare at pictures of your children when they were little and precious. You will remember the start of that season of life where the nest was empty as you dropped your last child off at their new place. The thrill of grandchildren will fill your heart as your kids are getting married and starting their own families.

One day you will see the pictures of this season and be filled with nostalgia for what was then. Also, you will experience regret for what you did not do then.

You will wish you could go back and have the cares of youth without the stress you placed on yourself. What would you give to relive that first year and focus more on each other than your school and career? How about having one more day with your children when they were young and carefree? To go back and hold them in your arms and love them in a way that time will no longer allow.

With every picture, there comes the joy of remembering and the sadness of opportunities lost. I believe it does not have to be this way. You can live in a way that comes with no regrets. It will take effort. You will have to live with priorities and purpose. You will have to say no to good opportunities to say yes to the things that make life worth living. You cannot fill your schedule to the limits; instead, you will need to leave room to breathe. A full and abundant life comes with sacrificing trivial things to focus on what matters.

One day you will look back. That day will either be full of joy or regret. The difference is what you decide to do today. Go out and make the best of it.

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