Don’t Take It for Granted

When we take something for granted, it means “we believe this thing will always be available.” We “accept its presence without question.” This leads us to a “lack of gratitude” for this thing and a “failure to take it seriously.”

Those are explanations I found while searching this topic on the internet. It is a common phrase that people use when they realize they have undervalued someone or something in their lives. They didn’t appreciate each day as a special gift given by God. They didn’t make time to treat that person as special and thank them for their contribution to their life because they assumed they would be able to do it tomorrow.

Today God has given us another day and possibly another week. Throughout this time, we will be surrounded by people, and many have special meaning to us. Our phone is full of names of people who love and support us. We can wait till another time to connect but remember that these people may not always be available, so we had better take it seriously. Be careful of living a life where you take things and especially people for granted.

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