When God Surprises Me

My wife and I had been praying about a significant situation in our lives.  Day after day, I had bowed my head before God and asked him to intercede.  After about two months, a series of three phone calls answered my prayers.  In fact, God did exceedingly more than I could have asked or imagined.  Our prayers were answered wonderfully, and I was astonished.  It was, in the words of some Christians, “a total God thing.”

Upon reflection, I wondered why I was so surprised that God had answered my request.  Maybe the simple answer is that it shows a lack of faith on my part.  Perhaps the shock came from seeing so many prayers left unanswered.  That might not even be true. God may have just said “no,” and I refuse to accept it willingly.  It is also quite possible that I have missed seeing the answers God does provide.  I pray and pray and don’t notice the little answers he gives me day after day.  For whatever reason, my surprise at his great work this time was clear and evident. 

At moments when God shows up and does his fantastic work, we have two options.  One is to focus on ourselves and our issues.  We lacked faith, we were blind, or we are hardheaded. God can surely surprise us all. 

The other option is to allow this answer to prayer to result in praise.  There is a need to stop for a few seconds and thank God for his mighty work in my life and possibly in yours. We need to take time to thank God for his consistent provision and unstoppable power.  We should pause and lift his name and point others to his might work in our lives.  The surprises of God should result in a time of praise.   

What if today each one of us stopped and vocalized our thanksgiving to God?  How would your attitude be different if you acknowledged his work in your life?  How would our world be different if they heard the voice of his people celebrating his surprising work?

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