Day 286

The first day of a new adventure is exciting and terrifying.  You wake up early to start on a new course that will make your life better.  People cheer, and social media buzzes with enthusiasm for you on this new venture.  How incredibly motivating?

On the last day of your journey, there will also be a celebration.  People gather at the finish line to watch you make those final few strides.  You accomplished your goals, and everyone takes notice of your perseverance and hard work.

Today is day 286.  This is the kind of day that breaks your spirit.  Your motivation is low as you drag yourself out of bed to take on the week.  There is no excitement like at the beginning or will be at the end.  It is an ordinary day on the calendar, and no one will be celebrating you making it two-thirds of the way to your destination. 

The test of a person’s character and fortitude happens today.  Do you have what it takes to work through the blahs and make it to the end?  This is the day we find out.   

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