Simple Ways to Bless Others at Church Worship

I thought about entitling this article, “Let me tell you this again.” I frequently tell people these simple ways to bless others at Church gathering, and if you have not heard them from me, you have probably heard them somewhere.  Here is a list of little things you can do to be a blessing every Sunday morning or any time the Church has a meeting.

-Park far away and save the “best” spots close to the door for others.

-Arrive early enough to talk and not be rushed, yet still be on time.

-Smile and be friendly to people in the parking lot.

-Hold the door for others.

-Say, “Good morning” and “Hello” to everyone.

-Don’t just talk to people you know.

-Go to the bathroom before worship to not have to get up and be a distraction in the program.

-In 2020, use hand sanitizer.  

-Sit at the front.  Save the back for people who are new or late.

-Sit at the inside of your row so that people do not have to climb over you for a chair. 

-Introduce yourself to someone new. 


-Sing loudly and at least act like you have the joy of the Lord.

-Shake hands (when appropriate).

-Ask people about themselves and listen to the answer.

-Stay awake. (Taking notes will help – trust me)

-Smile more and talk to people after the program is over.

-Clean up your area of any trash for the people in the next program who sit there.

-Don’t be in a rush, be willing to visit with people as you leave. 

-Be kind and friendly to everyone once again.

-Hold the door. 

-Let others go ahead of you out the door and out of the parking lot.

-Smile and wave as you leave.

-Talk positively about your Church to other people on Sunday afternoon.

-Invite people to join you next week and see what God is doing with such a kind, happy joy-filled group of people who are willing to elevate others in even small ways. 

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