Could Not Have Done It Without You

This has been an unbelievable week at our Church.  In 8 days, we will have held a family visitation for the passing of a Church attendee, a funeral and luncheon afterward, youth group with food, along with a wedding rehearsal plus dinner and the wedding.  This on top of two worship programs on each of the Sundays.  All of this on top of Covid season, where we are continually cleaning and disinfecting to keep everyone safe.  Yet, everything is set up to be completed in two days without a glitch. 

The only way our Church was able to accomplish all this over was because of wonderful people who willingly serve others with their time.  There has been a steady stream of people who have been here to set-up, tear down, clean, cook, and prepare the building.  The number of people who have pulled together to make this week happen has been outstanding when you consider that only a couple of us are paid to do anything, that makes it even more impressive. 

This week has reminded me why the analogies for the Church are so fitting.  Believers together are like a family, always looking out for each other.  The followers of Jesus are like an army who work together to accomplish their tasks.  Christians are like a body, and every part has an important function.  Some get recognition, and others do not, but that does not make one more significant than another.  In today’s analogy, I would say the Church is like a team where everyone plays a vital role in winning. 

The New Testament continually gives instructions on how we are to live with one another.  The group is essential to the work of the Lord.  This week I saw everyone playing their part, and other people were blessed because of it.  The Church is far more than a preacher and a meeting on Sunday.  Everyone here is important, and we could not exist without you. 

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