What Do You Want People to Say About You?

This question keeps rattling around in my head lately.  It is the result of several encounters and conversations.  It is one of life’s most fundamental questions; “What do you want people to say about you once you are gone?” More than a eulogy or a statement about the sickness you bravely endured till the end, what is the lasting memory you want people to have of your life?

I think the best description a believer could have is simply, “They worked hard to become like Jesus.” This one statement captures the heart of a follower of Jesus, along with our struggles as humans.

First, being a Christian is hard work.  It takes a concerted effort every single day of your life.  We can choose the easy way or can walk the path of faith.  We can follow our instincts of the flesh or listen closely to the voice of God.  Would it not be excellent for people to the work you put into your faith? There will be times you fail, but you keep getting back up and trying again.

Second, the goal of our belief was to be transformed to be like Jesus.  This is a lofty ambition, but it is helpful to set the bar high.  For most people, we like to compare ourselves with the people around us. “Sure, I am not perfect, but do you see how much better I am than other people,” we tell ourselves.  True believers set the bar to the life of Jesus.  We know we will never attain it, but we keep working over a lifetime to be transformed into the son’s image.

When our lives are over, I want my life to be remembered for its total trust in God, and I hope you do too.  Spending every day growing in our thoughts, words, and actions.  It is nice if people think of us as great parents, spouses, children, and friends, but when we try to become like Christ, all those things naturally come along with it.  Working hard to become like Jesus is much more significant than fulfilling your earthly role.  It is greeting every day with faith, action, and love in each encounter.  It is a lofty goal, and it works itself out one day at a time, even on days like today. 

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