The One Thing Christians Should Stop Doing

I have posed this question to several of my friends and Church members lately.  What is the one thing Christians should stop doing?  Asked another way, I tell them to fill in the blank in this sentence.  I wish Christians would stop … (blank)

My quest was to find one thing that I could write a blog about for you today.  Instead, it opened a can of worms that generated several funny, insightful, and often agitated responses.  A few of the most interesting things were things like Christians need to stop talking about politics and a particular candidate.  Christians need to stop ranting on social media and sharing fake news.  Others thought that Christians must give up their hypocrisy and ignoring certain sins.  The list of possibilities was long and contained seemingly no pattern. 

The only connection I could make is that everyone agrees that people who claim to follow Jesus have at least one thing they should stop doing.  The quest to become like Christ keeps pushing us to find the next area of our lives on which to work.  Our actions, attitudes, beliefs, relationships, and views must be continually reassessed.  There is no point in which a Christian can say they are doing everything God desires.

My single lesson from this experiment can be summarized this way.  Christians need to start asking themselves daily, “What is the one area I need to become more like Christ?” If you are unsure where is the best place to start, then ask a trusted friend, “What is the one thing I should stop doing?” I am sure they have an answer if you are willing to hear it.  There is a long list of possibilities for change, and each one of us needs to keep improving on this side of heaven. 

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