Who Told You That?

She said something that stopped me in my tracks.  Her words sounded like truth, but it was not found anywhere in the Bible.  From the way she said it, there was a clear impression that she believed it was the word of God. 

My question was direct, “Who told you that?” 

She froze as if no one had ever questioned her statement before.  “Why?” she said, “Is that not correct?” 

“Well, it is a popular idea, but it is not very good Bible teaching,” was my response.  For the next few minutes, I walked her through the flaws in her thinking along with what the Bible actually said in other passages. 

Unfortunately, because there are so many voices teaching about the Bible today, it is easy to accept something we hear or read as truth without ever actually reading it in the pages of the Bible.  One key question for discerning what the right Biblical stance on anything is to read what it says for yourself. It is quite possible that you have substituted something a preacher or teacher said for the word of God. 

Whenever you think about your beliefs it is important to ask a simple question, “Who told me that?”    

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