Secondhand Stores and Real Experiences

This past year I had to update my wardrobe as I lost weight.  The most affordable place for me to do this was thrift stores, where I could buy used clothing.  I have been in every Goodwill, Salvation Army, and secondhand store looking near me for clothing items.  The easiest thing to find was T-shirts that would fit me, and they were always under two dollars.  

The only issue with these shirts is that they come with a logo or picture on them of something. Without exception, the information on the shirt does not match anything I have done in life.  In fact, my youngest son and I try to find the most outrageous shirt and get that one to make people ask questions.  I have one from a college fraternity with the name “Patch” on the back.  I also have one from a Garth Brooks tour, a casino in Cincinnati, a Church in Kansas City, a boy scout camp in Indiana, and a variety of colleges I have never visited. 

Little did I know when I first started purchasing these shirts, how many questions they would raise.  One day alone, I had two individuals ask me about the casino.  Others have made some comments on a college shirt as if I had visited there.  People have not only read the shirts as I wear them, but they have also assigned me actions I never performed to get those shirts.  It is both funny and exciting to see what happens every time I pick out a new one.

Then I was scrolling through a Christian bookstore online, and I wondered about their items.  They sold Bibles, Christian books and music, decorations, and even clothing.  All the things I saw screamed to the world, “I am a follower of Jesus.” Yet, none of them are genuine indicators of true faith.  My fear is that some people surround themselves with enough of these things that they come to believe that you are something you are not.  If they were asked, “Are you a Christian?” they would respond with, “I own a Bible … and have you seen the religious decorations in my home.” 

There is a vast difference between owning religious paraphernalia and having an authentic relationship with Jesus.  One costs some money, and the other requires your heart and soul. 

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