That Changed My Life

Numerous people have said that line to me. They reflected on a time of teaching, a particular message, a conference they attended, a book they read, or even a podcast and felt like it was a turning point in their life.

My question is simple, “Did it change your life or just change your thinking?”

Several years ago, I heard Edwin Louis Cole say a line that challenged me the more I thought about it. He was preaching, and he quipped, “Change is not change until you change.” Meaning that real change only happens when we see something different occurring in your life than what we previously saw. You have not really changed your life until others can see the results in your actions.

Unfortunately, most of us equate a shift in thinking with a change of life. The two are not the same because it is one thing to know the right thing to do and quite another to do it.

I am glad that the material you experienced challenged your thinking about aspects of your life, but the goal is to act more like Christ. Change is not change until you change.

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