The Church Keeps Moving Forward

In the past week, I have met with other pastors to disburse a trust fund to those in need. I have also been a part of a youth group gathering of over 20 Jr High and High School students.  That is not to mention my typical Sunday morning with worship and practice for the Christmas program.  Yesterday afternoon I taught a membership class for 12 people, plus I talked with two new couples at our gatherings on Sunday morning. 

Last night I sat in my living room and reflected on the events of the past eight days and was amazed at all God was doing despite the uncertainty of Covid.  People are serving, uniting, helping, giving, learning, growing, and connecting in meaningful ways throughout this holiday season.  The Kingdom of God is not stopped by a virus or people who have shut things down.  It keeps making an impact on one life at a time. 

Sure, the pain of knowing that people are missing gnaws at me.  The average Church has lost fifty percent of its attendees in the past year.  It hurts my heart to see that people are missing what God is doing in and through the Church, but I choose not to focus on them today.  I will choose to be encouraged by the actions of some and not discouraged by the decisions of others.  I am excited about what God is doing right here and right now with these people.

This year has brought a lot of bad news, personal setbacks, and organizational issues, but God is still working.  The Church keeps moving forward, and the Kingdom of God is advancing in new and surprising ways.  I am thankful today that nothing can stop our God.    

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