The Discipline of Standing Firm

The phrase “Stand Firm” appears in the New Testament a dozen times.  It or a slight variation of it is found over 30 times in the Old Testament.  It is usually offered as a challenge as believers are called to stand firm in the faith when we would rather back down.  The Apostle Paul tells believers repeatedly to stand firm and not be moved. 

We understand the call not to fall away, but this is a statement that there are times it is okay not to be moving forward either.  There are times in the life of faith where you plant your feet, dig in your heels, brace yourself and take the hit.  The goal is not always to improve, but sometimes it is to remain unmoved. 

While this call is generally applied to our faith, as in “don’t give up on God,” it plays itself out in numerous ways.  Standing firm touches every area of our lives.  When you feel like giving up on your marriage, stand firm.  When your children are breaking your heart, stand firm.  When the people you work with are about to drive you crazy, stand firm.  When your neighbor has done something to aggravate you again, stand firm.  Whenever you feel like giving up or stepping away from what you believe, stand strong, and keep doing the right thing. 

As you walk with Jesus, one of the most significant challenges will be to stand firm, not allow yourself to give up, drift backward, or move away from what you believe.  Throughout this day, week, and season there will be times when you want to quit, don’t you dare do it, instead stand firm until you have the needed strength to move forward again.    

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