Marking a Milestone

Yesterday I published my 2000th post on this blog.

I started blogging many years ago when blogs were new.  The first one lasted over five years before I took a couple of years off.  At the time, I decided to dump my blog and delete all my original posts, and now I still wish I had a few of them.  

Then in January of 2013, I launched this blog intending to write a few times a week. Over the past three years, I have made a specific effort to post something five days a week.  It is now part of my regular morning routine, and I find it the perfect place to connect my enjoyment of writing, my goal to help others in faith, and a creative outlet for all the things that flow through my thoughts.

Yesterday, I knew it was a unique blog, so I want back to why I am here on the internet – because I want people to know about the grace of Jesus and the second chance he gives each one of us. 

Along the way, I have had days where only one person read what I wrote and other days where hundreds stopped by to read.  Whether it is one or a thousand, I just keep hammering away and hope to churn out a few posts that will bring people closer to Jesus.  Hopefully, with 2000 of them, at least a few were worth your time.  Thanks for reading and all praise to Jesus.     

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