This Preacher’s Roller Coaster of Sunday Emotions

I don’t know that this is true for every preacher. I’m convinced it is true for most of us with minor variations in routine.  (I am not looking for a pep talk, I just want you to know how my typical Sunday feels.)

5:00 am – Time to get up.  Start the day with prayer and optimism.  Today is going to be great.

6:12 am – Practice the sermon a couple of times to make sure I have it memorized and ready. 

7:32 am – Arrive at the Church building and get everything ready for the day. 

8:01 am – Other people arriving at the building and practicing worship.  Excitement is growing.  This is going to be a fantastic day.  The band is here and ready, and so am I. 

8:55 am – Very few people here for our first worship program.  Is anyone coming today?  This might be the day no one shows up.  Who can blame them after last week’s sermon?

9:12 am – People are here, a little late, but at least they came.

9:28 am – Game time.  Here we go, let’s change the world.  The sermon is going to be a home run; I can feel it. 

9:42 am – No one seems to be listening.  Every time those people get up and down, it distracts everyone else. Hopefully, someone is getting something useful.

9:58 am – It’s over.  I am pretty sure no one listened.  Another bomb.  This is so hard. I am sure I will do better next program. 

10:35 am – The second program is starting.  Is it possible I have forgotten the entire sermon in a half-hour?  Think, Matt, think! 

10:48 am – I cannot focus on these songs.  The sermon stinks.  Is it too late to write something new?  Are twelve minutes enough to make the changes?  Oh, forget it.

11:03 am  – Here we go again.  Is anyone going to listen to this one? 

11:11 am – Wow.  There are several people missing today.  Is something going on that I don’t know about, or is it just me? 

11:24 am – Almost done preaching. I am drained, and I don’t even care anymore.

11:31 am – It is finally over.  I hope no one talks to me.  I am very vulnerable right now. 

11:42 am – A few people said they liked the sermon, but they always say they like it.  Most people left without a word, so I am praying that one person was blessed today. 

11:50 am – I had high hopes for today.  Turned out average at best.  I cannot believe I failed again.  What does it take to reach people for Jesus?  Maybe I need a gimmick.  Some object lesson or cool video to make things better.  Too bad I don’t know video, and I am not creative. 

12:12 pm – I don’t know what to do anymore.  I have been preaching for almost 28 years, and I have almost nothing to show for it.  Maybe I should quit.

1:37 pm – Darkness. All is darkness. God, I am sorry I let you down again. 

3:19 pm – I am going to give myself one more week.  If nothing exciting happens next week, I quit.

6:15 pm – If I start working on next Sunday’s sermon now, maybe next week’s sermon will be better.  I will definitely pray more, study more and work harder this week. 

9:23 pm – Exhausted, got to get some rest and be ready to get to work tomorrow.  This week is going to be great. 

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