Passages That Sparkle

Every verse of scripture has one meaning. There is one thing the original writer meant to say as that passage was penned. This is called the Author’s Intended Meaning (AIM) by most people who study the Bible.

While every text in the scriptures has one meaning, there are often different ways of looking at it. One preacher taught me that the word of God is like a diamond. An expert jeweler can take that one stone and cut it in such a way as to make it sparkle in every direction. The light will be reflected in each way that you spin it – always revealing its true beauty no matter where you stand.

The Bible should be the same way. It is God’s solid and unchanging word with one true meaning, but each time you read it, it can sparkle in a new direction and shine a light on our lives. A good teacher can help to turn the passage for everyone to see it, but the beauty is there to see if we only look close enough.

One reason you read and reread the scriptures is that each time you will see something a little different. A word or phrase might stand out to you and be an encouragement. The lines of Jesus might inspire you with each new reading. There may be a sentence that you never noticed that could change your thinking. A story you have heard a hundred times suddenly means more in light of your current situation. Whenever you return to those familiar words of your youth, they can illuminate some truth you have missed or forgotten.

The next time you pick up your Bible to read. Take your time and look closely at those familiar tales. Pause and sit in quiet reflection with every passage. God might have something new to show you, even in the old, old stories.

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