What You Don’t Want to Hear

That might be the exact thing you NEED to hear. 

Perhaps no one has told you the truth.  Your friends knew it would hurt your feelings.  Those closest to you are often the last ones to say anything about your struggles.  On the other hand, you would not listen to strangers. 

Painful words can often be the most helpful. 

If you will listen closely and recognize the truth being spoken to you.  Then take that nugget of information and apply it to your life. 

No one wants to hear that they are angry, overweight, selfish, mean spirited, negative, pessimistic, domineering, unorganized, unhelpful, or a variety of other issues.  But how will you know unless someone tells you?  You obviously cannot listen to every critical person, or you will be utterly discouraged all the time.  But you can see the grain of truth behind their words that you really need to hear. 

Every person has some area of their life that they need to improve for God.  Would you listen to someone if they told you that truth you need to hear – even if you don’t want to hear it?  Perhaps someone is already trying to say something to you, but you have chosen not to listen.  Today could be a painful day as you understand the truth about yourself.  It could also be the day that makes you more like Jesus.    

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