People Caught in Sin

Almost every day, I hear a new story about someone whose sin has been made public.  They were caught in a lie, exploded in anger, found to be having an affair, or discovered to be immoral in one of a thousand ways.  These stories make headline news and are fodder for conversation at Church prayer meetings. We all know the stories, and even a non-believer can tell you about the hypocrisy of people calling themselves followers of Jesus and then not acting like their leader. 

My question for today is, “What is your response when you hear stories like that?”

Do you respond with a sense of moral outrage?  How could someone with their knowledge and experience behave like that?  How shameful.  They are such a disgrace to believers everywhere. 

Do you respond with compassion?  I feel sorry for them trying to lead this double life and not know the freedom found in Christ.  They need grace now more than ever.  I hope this is the catalyst for change in their lives, and I want them to know the grace that gives them a second chance. 

Both of these reactions are logical:  Righteous indignation over sin and compassion over sin.  Either one of them are normal responses, BUT only one is helpful when people are hurting over their failures. 

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