Pastor and Spiritual Director

One of the most significant transitions in Churches is in the responsibility of the guy who leads.  You can call him the preacher, the pastor, brother, evangelist, or whatever you like, but the guy who leads the local Church role has changed because of Covid. 

We were shepherds who loved people in the name of Jesus on behalf of our community of faith. Many of us used to visit the sick, and that is no longer allowed.  We were present for families going through trials, couples needing counseling, and held the hands of individuals making life transitions.  Most of that is not advised at this time in our ministries. 

Over the past year, our job has transitioned from a pastor and shepherd to a spiritual director.  I picture the change like this.  I once knew a retirement community that had an activities director.  His job was to organize events for people to grow, connect and have fun.  The work included leading games, showing videos, getting outside speakers, and promoting all activities so that everyone had an opportunity to use the resources. 

That is what I am seeing most Church leaders doing these days.  They are doing everything within their power to help the people who follow Jesus grow as believers, connect as a community, and enjoy the work of the Lord.  They are using social media and the internet, zoom meetings and skype, blogs and vlogs, linking to outside resources, and promoting tools to help believers. 

For many of us, this is entirely new territory.  This is not how we were trained, and it is not what our experience has prepared us for.  We are trying our best to rediscover Church leadership during a pandemic. 

The most challenging part of this change is that we can only do so much.  We can provide videos but cannot make you watch them.  We can organize groups to help you grow but cannot make you attend online or in person.  We can attempt to lead you into serving others but cannot make you get off the couch.  Someone can have the best director in the world, but they will fail if you do not use what they are providing. 

I am sure the roles will adjust and change in the future, but for now, your leader is doing their best to help you become a fully devoted follower of Jesus.  They are attempting to direct you spiritually the best way they know how.  Whether you grow to be like Christ or not is totally up to you.   

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