Waiting on God

Abraham waited 25 years from the time God promised to bless him with a child until it happened.  Joseph had to wait 13 years between a vision of his future until his brothers bowed down before him.  David was anointed as the next king of Israel to replace Saul.  It took him 10 more years before he would sit on the throne. 

There is often a gap between knowing that God is working until his job is finished.  This is true of the heroes of the Bible and in your life.  If life seems to be unfulfilled, and you are struggling to see the goodness of God, then your story is probably not over yet. 

Often, we spend large sections of our lives in the middle.  We are in the middle of what is God is doing IN us.  We are in the middle of what God is doing TO us.  We are in the middle of what God is doing THROUGH us.  We are not at the beginning, and we are still a long way to the end.

One challenge to having faith is waiting on God.  His timeline is not like ours. We pace back and forth in front of the microwave as if seconds were an hour.  God is never late, but he is also never early.  He works at just the right time in the world and in our lives. 

Patience is a virtue.  Your life may be a mess, and that simply means that God is not finished writing his story.  Tie and knot and hold on tight.  God’s work may only take another 10, 15, or 25 years.  Just ask David, Joseph, and Abraham.    

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