A Nice Way to Say No

 “No” is such a hard word to say.  I suppose this is because we have no idea the type of emotions it will meet in response.  A negative statement often attracts a negative reaction.  Saying no will often make other people angry, create feelings of disappointment and fertilize bitterness. 

The result is that use more hopeful-sounding words and phrases like maybe, might, possibly, could be, and we will see.  Those are all just nice ways of saying no to someone. 

Unfortunately, No is a word that we need to hear and say sometimes.  It speaks the truth and closes the doors of unachievable dreams.  It helps us to see where we stand in a situation.  It moves us to start walking in a new direction.  No does not need to be said with a vengeance, but sometimes it must be said. 

The challenge is that the next time someone tells you no, do not take it personally.  If you do, the chances of you hearing the truth again are significantly reduced.  Then you will spend the rest of your life having people trying to find a nice way to tell you no.

In the end, they will feel bad for giving you a glimmer of hope that never existed.  You will also feel bad because you were disappointed once again.  One mark of a follower of Jesus is that our identity is wrapped up in him and not others’ disapproval.  Being able to handle a no response is a sign of spiritual maturity that most people overlook.     

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