History Makers

People who change the world and make history rarely set out to do so.  Those who have made a big impact that lasted for generations to come usually are simple people.  They are often without power and prestige, but God used them anyway. 

These people bring change by doing the right thing every time it was required of them.  No matter how inconvenient or what the cost, they just kept doing the right thing. Each day they spoke the truth, loved others, showed concern, and stood against evil. 

One day the right thing they did was noticed because it made a difference to someone else.  They did not wake up one day and do something significant and noticeable.  They did something small every day, and someone could not help but take note. 

I think it is a mirage to set out to be a history maker.  Instead, set out to do the wise, the good, and the Godly thing all the time.  Then watch God use that as he desires. 

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