I’m Not For Everyone

The country band named Brothers Osborne has a song entitled “Not for everyone.” This is definitely not a Christian band with Godly values or Christian music.  Still, when I heard it, something resonated with my life. 

I am unique.  My life experiences, hopes, views, gifts, habits, personality, tone of voice, and beliefs all make me a one-of-a-kind individual.  There is no one quite like me.  With that reality, some people like me and others, well … not so much. 

I always wanted to be like Andy Stanley.  He seems so kind and so well-liked by everyone.  Thousands of people listen to him each week and are blessed by his presence.  Other times I wished I were more like a Rick Warren who smiles and laughs and eases the room when things get tense.  Large numbers listen to his teaching and read his books.  Frequently, I want to be like other people who are well admired for their wit, charm, style, and personality.

Nope, I am just uniquely me.  I am trying to be more like Jesus, but it is always with a Matthew Harris twist.  There seems to be no escape from myself. 

Some days I am angry that I am not someone better.  Other days I am depressed that I do not have a broader appeal.  Why did God make me like this? 

Then one day, it hit me.  I am not for everyone, but a few people like me.  God uses me to bless a small number of people through my speaking and writing.  Some of them might not have come to Jesus or grown in their faith if it were not for people like me.  I might not be for everyone, but God made me to reach some. 

Many people are trying to be someone they are not so that people will like them more.  One of them may be you.  If so, I want you to know that God made you a specific way to a part of his kingdom in a way that only you can.  There is someone out there who needs exactly what you have to offer.  You need to keep working to connect with your people, and I will keep working to connect with mine.  Only together will we be able to reach everyone. 

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