Unprompted Communication

Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are great times to communicate with people. Some of you buy a card, get a family picture, send an email, or write a series of texts to celebrate these occasions.  These days are great opportunities to share with people in a way that makes them feel loved and valued. 

You can also do those things for no reason in particular.  You can send someone a card with a handwritten note inside just because you thought of them.  A family picture with a letter inside can be put in the mail at the beginning of June and not only December.  There is no need to wait to send the email when you have business issues to handle.  A text can be sent to say, “you crossed my mind today.” 

I would argue that the communication you send on days with no particular significance has more value than those sent at special times.  Unprompted cards, letters, emails, and texts speak of importance beyond the formal engagements of the general public.  Those let people know you really care all year round. 

Unexpected kindness is always the most meaningful. 

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