You Should Know That by Now

A writer once tried to create a list of 1000 things you should know by 21 years old.  He started the dialog by listing the 100 things he thought were important.  Then the readers could go into the comments and add their suggestions to the list. 

This little experiment created quite a stir.  People all over the internet started adding to the list, having dialog about what we should be teaching children both inside the classroom and in the home.  Answers ranged from “how to change a tire” to “how to cook an egg” to “how to write a business letter.” 

As the list grew and expanded, my thoughts turned toward faith.  I wondered, what are the thousand things that a believer in Jesus should know within 21 years of making Jesus their Savior? 

I am not starting a list here, but the question still plagues my mind.  There is this essential truth that the longer you live as a believer, you should acquire a list of concepts, behaviors, and experiences that will develop you into a mature Christian.  Otherwise, your growth is stunted, and you will never be able to function on your own spiritually. 

Just like a child who is sent out into life without necessary skills is a believer sent into the world without basic spiritual knowledge.  Occasionally I want to say to Christians I encounter, “You should know that by now!”  

The problem might be with the Church and how we teach people.  It might also be with the parents who have left everything to the Church.  It might simply be the fault of the individual who did not take responsibility for their own development.  I am not sure who exactly is to blame, and maybe it is partially everyone’s failure. 

I know that there are things you should know as you grow in life and faith. 

As I read over the lists of things people should know by the age of 21, I realized several basic skills I did not possess.  The good news is that it is never too late to learn, no matter what you do not know.  Today can be the day you acquire the knowledge you lack in life or faith.  Never quit learning or growing.    

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