Holding Up Moses’ Arms

The Israelites have not been out of Egypt too long when the Amalekites attacked them.  The story is told in Exodus chapter 17.  Joshua takes the army and leads them into battle while Moses goes up on an overlooking hillside.  He will hold up his staff, and as long as he held it up, the army would win.  As his arms grew tired and drooped, the military would lose. 

Two quick-thinking men, Aaron and Hur, grabbed stones and piled them up for Moses to place his arms on them.  Then they arranged themselves so that they could hold up his hands even when he was tired.  That way, the staff was always held high, and the army won the battle that day. 

It is a fascinating story about the power of God in the exodus of his people.  His work and strength despite their weakness.  But it also serves as an interesting look at leadership, especially within the people of God. 

Quite often, there is one leader, like the pastor or ministry leader, who is holding up his hand for the congregational members.  They train ministry leaders, meet with staff, are trying to develop new believers.  The work is a daily grind that wears them down and makes them tired. 

Every leader needs someone to come alongside them and help them hold up their hands.  These people can do it most simply through prayer. People willing to pray for them to remain strong.  They also need people to encourage them in every way.  They need people to sit with them and hold their hands when they are tired and remind them that God will bring victory. 

Today is a day I am thankful for people like Aaron and Hur.  Their willingness to hold up Moses’ hands helps bring the people of God victory in their earthly battles.  People today are holding up their pastor and other ministry leaders in different ways while the spiritual battle rages on, and for that, I am genuinely thankful.    

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