Moving to Specifics

We like general instructions.  Usually, we cheer them as good ideas that everyone should do.  It is important to exercise, spend time with God, develop a strong marriage, and be a better parent.  Most people find these generic statements to be honorable pursuits by those who wish to follow Jesus.

The problem is that most of us never move from general statements into the needed actions.  It is one thing to say, “we all need exercise,” and another to commit to doing ten pushups each day.  The latter decision is specific and connected to action that will bring about the desired results.  Without specific plans being executed, our good intentions remain just nice thoughts. 

Each day we are filled with all kinds of good ideas.  For any of these to be implemented, we need to develop measurable action steps.  It is of no value to dream of knowing God unless you begin to read one chapter of your Bible each day.  It isn’t beneficial to say you want a strong marriage.  You need to execute a plan for 10-15 minutes of open, meaningful dialog every day. Hoping to be a better parent will only happen if you make intentional movements to connect with your child. 

Specific actions will lead to generally good results.  Investing yourself in repeated behaviors will produce better fruit in your life than a thousand platitudes.    

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