Blessed Restraint

There is a side of righteous behavior that is never seen.  There is one sign of growing in maturity that will never get noticed.  This virtuous action of the mature is found in the lack of their words or activity.  It is what I call “Blessed Restraint.”

This may be hard to imagine for some of you, but know that you do not have to act on every impulse.  No matter how compelled you feel to behave a particular way, if it is contrary to God’s will, restraint can and must be shown. 

You also do not have to express every thought that goes through your head.  Just because you think it does not mean you have to say it.  Often it is far better to hold our tongue than hurt others with our words. 

It is hard to give people credit for their lack of action.  Still know that holding back can be a blessing to everyone, including yourself. 

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