One Divine Moment

I can remember a lesson I taught to a group of teenagers 25 years ago. 

I can remember a Sunday School lesson I taught a group of adults about 23 years ago. 

I can recall with vivid detail a sermon I preached about 20 years ago. 

Why do I remember all these specific messages?  Because these were times when the Holy Spirit took my words and did something I cannot explain.  God reached down and used what I had said to touch the hearts of everyone in the room through me.  Each of these was a divine moment where everyone was left in silence, and Jesus was glorified. 

The people who were in the room those days also still talk about those messages.  Somehow all of us knew that something extraordinary had happened, and none of us would be the same. 

I hope you have had some encounters like that in your life: a time where a sermon or lesson reached deep inside your soul and touched you in the darkest places with the power of God. 

Moments like these are rare.  They are genuinely divine situations where the grace of God, knowledge of Jesus, and power of the Holy Spirit intersect.  I have one about every 2 or 3 years.  With each one, I look back in awe at what God did through me. 

Here is the thing:  you never know when they are going to happen.  You never know when God is going to touch a speaker or a sermon.  You have no idea when there will be a perfect intersection of events that cause you to feel God uniquely.  You really have no idea when these deeply spiritual moments will happen.  So my suggestion is that you show up every week to your small group, worship time, and sermon.  Who knows?  One day you may experience exactly what I am talking about, and your life will never be the same.  Maybe this is the weekend God breaks through and touches your heart.  You will only know if you are present. 

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