Fail More Often

We like to avoid risks.  No one wants to make a colossal mistake, fail publicly, or do anything that makes them look foolish.  It hurts to be branded as a failure who could not get the job done correctly.  The result is that we do everything possible to keep ourselves from failing. 

The problem is that fear can keep us from trying new things, both personally and professionally.  It can keep us from attempting new ministries for God that might further his kingdom.  We can be paralyzed into repeating the same behaviors even when they have quit being productive. The result is that we never grow, change, or move forward in constructive ways. 

One odd-sounding piece of advice is that you need to fail more often.  I am not talking about sin, but rather the willingness to try something new even though it might not work out the way we plan.  The more you are willing to attempt new things, no matter how they turn out, will teach you to rely on God, learn valuable lessons and come closer to finding what does work.  You will also see that you can live through failure, and the grace of God is enough to sustain you. 

This is the perfect day to walk into the unknown and try something that might leave you feeling foolish.  It might also be the thing that changes your world for the better.  You will never know until you try. 

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