Let’s Talk About Something Else

The conversation turned personal.  I could tell it was starting to hit a nerve deep in the soul.  That was when they changed the subject. 

They did not say the words out loud, but it was clear they wanted to talk about something else.

Everyone has a topic that when they hear it come up, they wince inside.  Their mind begins to race with questions of how they can change the subject naturally.  They know it is not something they will talk about today, or with you, or publicly in any forum. 

My guess about anyone who changes the subject is that that is the exact topic they need to address.  Those things we push from talking about are often the things we need to speak about the most.  Each one of us needs to allow these interactions to reveal something about our inner demons.

These are the conversations that move us forward both personally and spiritually.  When we are willing to speak on an item we have been avoiding for years, we are finally able to heal and move on in the name of Jesus. 

Maybe today, instead of changing the conversation, we should lean into it and find the help and healing we so desperately needed. 

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