What I Said …

Was not what they heard. 

Communication is exceptionally complex.  This is true in all its forms.  Conversations can be misconstrued.  Emails and texts can miss the tone and nature of the words being given.  There is an unlimited number of ways to mishear someone. 

We catch only parts of conversations.  We read into things that were said.  We misinterpret tones.  We fill the gaps in stories with our imagination. That is not to mention all the things that distract us while trying to listen. 

One good rule for every encounter is to overcommunicate.  Tell other people and then tell them again. Explain, reiterate, discuss, dialogue, and repeat what you are doing, why you are doing it and what you hope to accomplish.  You may feel like you have said it all before, but that does not mean they heard it. 

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